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Thought this was a great video to share with all my 20-somethings.

Aw Yea.

Let’s start planning!



Band Wagoning.

It’s been awhile since my last post. Considering I just starting this blog, I really shouldn’t be falling off the wagon this fast.

I have good reason though, I swear.
I finally found employment.
Full time, permanent, in my field and interest level. Salary position with benefits and a pay that’s going to eventually get me back on my feet. (My personal finances are a mess)

I’m finishing up my second week and things have been busy and a blur. Getting back into the swing of things has left me pretty tired and less than motivated to write.
I’m going to get back into it because, something is telling me, I’ll have a lot of new stories to share.

I’m still navigating right?

Looking back during my most recent job search, I can’t help but realize that I was making a huge deal out of something so many of us go through. What seemed like the biggest thing a month ago no longer does. There were some ups and downs of course, and I’m happy to continue sharing them on this blog but, I did it. (I’m doing it) And…I was doing the right things along the way. Most of the time.
I think what I’m trying to say in the most clichéd way possible…if I can do it, you can do it.

I’m excited to continue to share!

Broke Betty

When you’ve made it.

A great big tip to anyone in or close to my situation who’s reading this post:
(Let’s be real, it’s probably 1pm on a Wednesday and you’ve probably down 3 cups of coffee by now and read more buzz feed articles than job apps)

When you’ve made it (which you will) remember how today felt like.

Remember what it felt like to be told “We call everyone back after interviews no matter what!” never to hear from said interviewer again.

Remember what it felt like asking for feedback when that call back said no.

Remember what it felt like to rock that first interview, but then be told “We LOVE you, but we’re going for someone with more experience. Your PERSONALITY is amazing though!”

Remember what it felt like when the person interviewing you looked at their watch (three times…) or answered their phone, or texted. Or started blankly out the window when you were explaining how your last job is directly related to the position you’re so desperately trying to obtain.

Remember what it felt like to have someone give you the up and down. To frantically wonder if your pants got wrinkled while making the 1 hour drive from your place, to your hopeful office.

Remember what it felt like to prep for hours and then not be asked a single question about the organization/company you were interviewing for.

Remember what it felt like to be grilled. To be questioned about  everything. To be asked “What have you been doing since you’re last position? It’s been ___ months”

Remember what it felt like to try and make pleasant small talk with an uninterested HR manager.

Remember what it felt like to be told over and over and over “We know you’ll find something.”

Really take a moment to remember how gut wrenching, frustrating, and debilitating those moments felt like. Try to remember how much confidence it took to walk into interviews over and over again with a positive attitude, even though…you were ready to give up.
Try and remember what rejection feels like. From that special organization. The one you wanted. Remember how it felt when you found that perfect job for you and it was given to someone else.

It didn’t matter how hard you prepped. How wrinkle free your shirt was. How you nailed the friendly banter. (NAILED IT!) How bang on your answers were. How you totally remembered to write a thank you note.

Someone else got it over you.

Remember how that felt.


Because, you’re going to be on the other side of this whole job searching game. You’re going to be the one looking for fit and experience and personality and the whole package.

You’re going to be on the other side of the desk. In that room. Across from a job seeker that’s trying to make it.

So remember the pressure associated with being in that limbo.

And be frigging kind.

That’s all I ask.
Be that person that provides feedback without being asked. Be that person that hires the right person. Be that person that calls when they say they will call. Be that person that responds to email inquiries. Be that person that stays focused during interviews. Be that person that shakes someone’s hand, offers a glass of water; thanks a candidate for coming in.

None of that seems that hard yet it can really change someone else’s job search.

I would never ask you to hire someone who doesn’t fit. I will ask you to be kind to those that don’t. And be especially kind to those that do fit, but for whatever reason, the answer is still no.

So remember what this whole unemployment job search craziness felt like and make it into something positive. Change someone else’s experience down the line, when you’re given the opportunity.

When You’re Working…

Things I do when you’re working

  1. Sleep
  2. Hit refresh on job search engines
  3. Refresh my gmail account 8 times in 2 hours
  4. Check junk mail or spam folder 8 times in 2 hours
  5. Stare at phone
  6. Say “I’m going to the gym in an hour” every hour on the hour from 11am-gym closing time
  7. Watch Criminal Minds every day (except for Friday, ANNOYING) at 1pm
  8. Eat breakfast at 10am, lunch at 2pm or not at all, dinner at 8pm and give zero *****
  10. Find last week’s action plan

*I am not proud of this post.

Do you play in a league?

I walked out of another job interview. As soon as I was out of sight I let out a huge sigh. I knew I wouldn’t get this job either. Even though you’re not allowed to be sexist in your hiring process anymore, I knew they wanted to hire a man. Well, at least I didn’t bother ironing my pants for this one.  Getting into my car I noticed a text, email, and voicemail. Pop-u-lar.

The text was from my mom. The email was a sad rejection from a job I had interviewed for. The phone call was the start of one of the most interesting interview processes I’ve experienced.

Currently I was sitting in a Hamilton parking lot. I had arranged my day to ensure I would be able to do two interviews in one day, one in the Hammer, the other in Cow Town. (Maybe I should add multitasking and time management skills to my resume) The voicemail was from my Toronto interview asking if I could come in an hour and a half earlier. Looking at the time, not a problem. Calling them back I got an exasperated voice on the other end saying they “just couldn’t have me in today, because the ENTIRE office was out at an event.”
Last minute events are difficult to foresee  But really, who am I but a lowly applicant so I said sure. My interview was changed to the following week.

This time I’d iron my pants.

Strolling in, the following week, 15 minutes early (like my daddy always taught me- BAM) I felt prepared and a tad unexcited. Flashing my best “I give a shit” smile, I told the receptionist who I was there to see. She disappeared and returned shortly after telling me “Um, you’re pretty early (!?) maybe you could leave and come back in 15 minutes.”
Leave? But I mean, we’re not really anywhere where I can just sort of…hop out for a couple minutes. Your office is on the 9th floor of a massive building, should I do a lap?

Perhaps my poker face isn’t as good as my shit eating grin and the awkward pause was filled with me stammering and the receptionist cluing in and asking if I wanted to maybe “just wait in the board room.”

So much for me making a punctual and respectful impression. So I wait, past my actual interview time and I’m starting to worry about my water consumption. Idle hands. I breathe a sigh of relief when my interviewer walks in and I stand to shake her hand. Unfortunately  it seems she’s not the hand shaking type, nor one who really cares to introduce herself or look applicants in the eye. The handshake is forced and the introduction sharp. I ask how she is and how her week is going. (Crap, it’s Monday.)

“I’ve been busy.”

Great start.

Well, with small talk out of the way, I proceeded to get grilled about absolutely everything. I was sharply criticized for answering questions theoretically (…I don’t know the inner working of your org, yet) and was cut off if I wasn’t quick enough. I began to squirm. I’ve been grilled before but not like this. Not with this harshness, with this tone, with this seeming desire to stump me. Making matters a bit more awkward, this woman would not look at me. She would look…out the door window. We’re talking she’d crane her neck to see what was going on in the rest of the office.


As I am struggling to maintain composure, I hear a phone ringing from the office floor. My interviewer stands up, says she needs to get the phone and leaves. For 10 minutes. Returning with no apologies and another Director to grill me, the questions continue. With a twist. The second director, a stern looking man also unsure about his view on handshakes, showcases his interview style.

“Do you play sports?” (No smile, no interest, sharp tone.)
“…Yes…I play softball, volleyball, and I run.”
“Softball. Do you play in a league?”
“What position.”
“Uhh…err, well all of them, we rotate. It’s…fun”
“Yes sir…I..”
Oh, yes, I play in a league with that spor….”
“I am a hitter. And sometimes I set. Depending on the score.”
“You also said you run, do you compete?”
“Sometimes, I’ve done a half marathon and I usually do a couple 10k’s per year…I really like running for pleasure though, it clears my mi…”
“What’s your 10k time.”
“Under an hour”
“Ok then.”

Ok then? You just played the worst game of 20 questions with me trying to stump me at my own life. Am I supposed to be enjoying the fact that someone thought I would b.s my way through the ‘personal’ section of my interview? And what if I was? Everyone tries to embellish their home life. Thankfully he was asking me things that I could legitimately answer. If he had asked me what I had been up to the last week I would be forced to say that I had consumed an entire season of the Real Housewives of Beverly  Hills and usually didn’t change out of my sweat pants til about 3pm.

As the interview came to a close my two stiff interviewers sprang to their feet before I could mutter thanks. No closing statements. So I had to ask, meekly, “next steps?”

20 questions interrupted my original interviewer with a hand to her face and said
“We’re having you in for a second interview. You’re going to do a sale pitch to get our program into a new establishment. How long do you need?”

“Couple days”
“Good, see you Friday, organize a time with her.”

And then, he was gone.
I tried to sort out a time but there was little interest. I was forced to email my thanks and request a time for Friday. Not hearing back, I had to call the next day and leave a message. Finally, Wednesday slowing coming to a close, I received a phone call saying…yeah, you guessed it.

“We cant have you in on Friday anymore. Can you come in Monday?”

And once again, really, who am I but a lowly applicant so I said sure.

Let’s hear it for the Girls.

Oh. Oh. Dear.
My mom has bought Girl Guide cookies from a neighbour. They are inside my house. I only eat the vanilla kind.

What a perfect little vice to pair with my coffee, job app, and grey sweat suit combination  I’d call it a winning combination but I haven’t quite landed that job (any job) yet.
Since I no longer have any regular eating pattern, these little dream cookies are finding their way into my hands at the most awkward of times. Are cookies even allowed before noon?
The sugar levels have also been playing with me…
­Maybe I should call Girl Guides and let them know what a big fan I am…
Drop some info about their recipe
Suggest to be the face for half of their cookie line
Maybe an imprint of my face on the vanilla ones…
That would absolutely increase sales
Wait until they offer me a salaried position with cookie benefits.

Honestly, I don’t care what you’re thinking. A girl can dream. And when I realize that once again two organizations have promised to call me back with an answer as to whether I got the job and just….ya know haven’t I realize I’m entitled to some day-dreaming.

And a couple more of those damn vanilla Girl Guide cookies. 

Purple Nurple.

I went to an interview with purple nails.

Super purple nails. Not subtle purple nails. (Can purple nails be subtle?)


L’oreal: Royally Reinvented to be exact. A fabulous choice to incite spring out of hiding.
A dramatic and childish colour for a professional interview.

If I don’t get this job, I’ll know exactly what I can irrationally blame it on.

Nude….I need to buy some nude nail polish.

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